We have been working with IFAs for over 15 years, and recognise the particular challenges that this industry brings in terms of IT strategies. Working with several St James Place partners, we are familiar with the tests that we need to pass for due diligence and see these as a minimum requirement, not an absolute target.

When searching for external IT support as an IFA, the task can feel both difficult and restrictive as the security requirements for IFAs are so strict. At Integrity, we don’t just meet the security needs of IFAs, we make those standard for all of our clients. We see cybersecurity and IT solutions as part of the same offering and therefore offer SecureSuite as a complete package that covers everything in the way it should be done, no cutting corners or sacrificing security measures in one area to allow for upgrades in another. By offering all of our clients the same package, we have created a high value offering at a great price, standing tall against competition in the IT solutions category.

We named our business Integrity because that is how we carry out all of our work. By securely covering  the data you handle, we help you to work with the same integrity, protecting the reputation of your clients, and your own business. Cybersecurity is a real and growing concern and the IFA industry is even more sensitive to these security threats than many others. On top of that, there is the requirement to be able to work efficiently from different locations which, without proper security, can increase the risk of a breach.

Our IFA IT strategies are constantly reviewed to ensure we are delivering optimum data security to our clients. By consistently testing the system for any potential breaches, we are able to deliver audit reports on system defences, as well as rectifying any possible risks. In addition, we have high standards of customer service and believe that even the most strict security measures can be delivered in a helpful and friendly way for you and your team.

Using our simple SecureSuite model, you can forecast your IT costs reliably, safe in the knowledge that the package is thorough, and delivered by credentialed experts in their field. Please get in touch if you have any questions about your IFA requirements, we will be happy to talk you through the process of moving provider to Integrity and what you can expect from us.

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