Meet the team

Jon Coles

Jon is our technical guru.  He loves finding the right technology for our clients, and ensuring that everything is just right. To say he is a perfectionist would be about right. He wants things done just so, and he puts his heart into his work.

Many of our longest relationships are with clients who followed Jon when he left his previous company to set up Integrity. They’re still with us today, knowing that Jon is a safe pair of hands, a source of good advice, and the right technical knowledge to ensure things run smoothly. Add in a dash of loyalty and commitment and you’ve summed up Jon nicely.

Jon’s skills aren’t limited to IT, he’s also a dab hand at fireworks (not at work thankfully), and cooks like he should be on Masterchef. In fact, there aren’t many things that he isn’t good at. When it comes to the future of IT, Jon understands the way things have been, and the way things will be. Think of him as a kind of IT architect – ready and able to build you a future proof IT system that will set you up nicely for the future of business and the role of IT in making it work.

There are many implications of the changing face of ‘work’ following the Covid pandemic, and having an IT system that puts you at an advantage (and safe from the increased risks of remote working) is a smart move. Contact us today to find out about our SecureSuite package, and how it will offer you comprehensive IT support. 

Mark Baiden

Mark Baiden has a passion for helping small businesses.  This passion drives everything he does.  For over 20 years, Mark has provided IT support and advice to businesses, schools and charities.  First and foremost, he relates with people as people, seeking to find out what they need and how he can help them achieve it.  His ability to multitask and come up with solutions makes him the guy people go to for all sorts of help – from which mobile phone they should buy, to how to get set up for remote working and conferencing. Sometimes we have to remind him he’s only human, and coffee can only get you so far in life without sleep or food. Mark’s energy, enthusiasm and laugh are contagious. He’ll convince you to trust him, and you won’t regret it. In fact, much of our business comes from people recommending him to their friends and contacts.  Even when Mark isn’t working, he’s excited about the newest mobile phone or device, and figuring out how it works and could be best put to use.

Recently Mark realised that the future of IT is going to be inseparable from cybersecurity.  That’s where the concept of our main product, SecureSuite 2021 came from – one simple package that provides full protection for every size client, regardless of how much they want to know about IT systems, networking and cybercrime. Think of him as a modern day knight in shining armour – ready, and willing to defend and protect you and your business from the potential of being targeted by cybercriminals.  As well as SecureSuite, Mark is also available to advise companies on how to train staff, use IT as a business driver, and streamline work practices. He loves a bit of software does our Mark.  If you know your business, but you’re not sure how much you need to know when it comes to IT, talk to Mark.  He’s generous with his time, and with his advice. 

Nizar Shetewi

Often the first voice you will hear if you phone us at Integrity, Nizar is a natural at reassuring clients, moving swiftly to sort out issues himself or make sure they are referred to someone who can. Nizar is no stranger to variety and problem-solving. For over a decade, Nizar has been dealing with thousands of helpdesk tickets to find solutions. We couldn’t describe Nizar’s approach better than one of our clients did with this quote: “Nizar is always so quick to respond. Brilliant Service.”  Gearoid Davey, Scotscare, March 2021. 

Aurimas Sedys

Aurimas has joined us as he completes an ICT level 3 Apprenticeship.  He impresses us with his excellent reliability, willingness to learn and the speed at which he is picks up new things.  Working with Nizar on the Integrity Support Desk, it may well be him that you speak to initially if you raise a ticket through our 08000 803030 number.   He's a great addition to the team, and we are confident he is going to do well

Judi joined the Integrity team in 2021, with a desire to shout about what they are doing, and why.  They’re so busy doing IT support and security, someone needed to come onboard and tell the world how good they are! 

With experience in HR, law, digital publishing and administration, Judi fits well into a team that has such diverse backgrounds and skills.